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GLLIMUS believes in doing things which haven't been thought of. To be known as a bunch of innovative nerds churning out innovative solutions for the various industries. Provide the best and affordable solutions to help them to not only increase revenue but also supplying a niche market which was not explored as thoroughly before. The heart of the Indian business the micro and the small business was and still is being promoted to that extent. We wanted to introduce technology in every aspect of business, from marketing to manufacturing and from branding to outsourcing for the small and micro business. With this goal in mind we began developing custom software for businesses, each tailored to meet the needs of the client who commissioned it. As the Company grew we diversified our business from Software and Web Development to other services of Marketing (Branding, Advertising, Branding, Market Survey), but our principles of providing service with integrity has served us well in every sphere of activity and our continuous endeavour is to provide innovative solutions.


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  • - Providing clients with the results that our best ability can produce


    - Providing perfect accuracy in both statements and deeds


    - To always interact with the client with honesty and transparency


    - Developing businesses with creative, careful and thoughtful Marketing methods.


    - And above all to value the clients’ time as we do our own


  •  The optimal media mix has been used within a campaign budget, whether chosen media types have reached planned targets, particularly an effective reach of a target group. The other part is the analysis of prices and buying conditions. This part evaluates whether the money of client’s budget has been used effectively; whether the prices which the space and time in the media has been bought for correspond with the guaranteed buying conditions and whether they are competitive. Our task is to provide our client with such recommendations that ensure the growth of media values of his future campaigns as well as optimization of prices and buying conditions.


  • Every brand needs an identity and for us identity is a total experience – not only a visual one. Gllimus brand identity is a multidisciplinary strategic design agency. Founded in 2013, Gllimus focuses on strategic brand consulting and design, Web development, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, print, interior and multimedia design. Our aim is to provide simple, intelligent and emotionally appealing solutions to complex requirements.


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Whether we are providing HR services, conceptualizing marketing strategies, doing market survey, developing software’s, or implementing business development strategies -- our combined expertise will provide the insight, strategy, and creative thinking that you expect and deserve. Providing outstanding service is at the core of everything what we at GLLIMUS do. Reach out to us to see for yourself.

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