About Us

GLLIMUSĀ is in the business of Human Resource Management, Software and Web Development, delivering market survey, marketing solutions and implementing business development strategies for the continued success and growth of business organizations.

Our HR, Management, Marketing and Engineering professionals are working as a team and they are a well mix of experienced and talented youth whose decision-making processes by successfully collaborating with clients to thoughtfully evaluate, strategically develop, and launch robust marketing solutions to maximize business revenue.  Whether we are providing HR services, conceptualizing marketing strategies, doing market survey, developing software’s, or implementing business development strategies -- our combined expertise will provide the insight, strategy, and creative thinking that you expect and deserve. Providing outstanding service is at the core of everything what we at GLLIMUS do. Using a two-way approach, we fully engage our experienced and youth management teams to develop short- and long-range strategic plans for sustainable growth, and establish implementation timelines that are firm, yet realistic and obtainable.

Our fabulous team