Way back in 2013, we had the vision to create a world of affordable travel. Destiny had presented us with the golden opportunity to explore new avenues in tourism and hence the idea of GLLIMUS Travel was conceived. We assembled a great team, they worked together and the work flowed throughout almost effortlessly.

 As Pioneers of innovative holiday ideas and tours, we are active across virtually every travel segment including

  • Group Tours,
  • Inbound Holidays,
  • Free Individual Travel,
  • Corporate Travel

And Speciality Tours such as

  • Women’s special,
  • Students special,
  • Singles special,
  • Seniors’ special,
  • Honeymoon special,
  • Grandparent tours.

At GLLIMUS, we thrive to provide a world-class travel experience with dedication.Our values anchor every product and service we provide and every channel we operate. We always aim to offer exciting experiences, the best programmes, meticulously planned itineraries and all inclusive tours conducted by professional, experienced, enthusiastic and seasoned tour managers.

The company tries to give the ultimate satisfaction and luxury depending upon the traveller’s need. We offer a wide range of services and specializes in providing tailor-made holidays and other travel needs to its valuable. Knock us at any hour and from anywhere in the world, we are available.

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